Top Metal Recycling Company 2023

Over 60 years ago, Bert Appel and Charles Frydman began reclaiming scrap metals in Dayton, Ohio. Building their business one client at a time, they created Midwest Iron & Metal Company in the mid-1950s. Those were the days when business arrangements were sealed with personal trust and a handshake. Appel’s and Frydman’s commitment to hard work, integrity, and honest business relations grew the stellar reputation of Midwest Iron for more than five decades.

Today, MW Metals Group is a leader in the recycling industry, servicing over 500 industrial plants nationwide. We focus solely on the industrial sector, customizing efficient, flexible, and cost-effective scrap management programs for our supplying customers.

Our comprehensive services include transportation, administration, and safety departments seamlessly working together. In addition, our high quality processing and commitment to personalized service allow us to provide consumers with superior-grade raw material that commands a premium price for our supplying customers.

MW Metals Group specializes in corporate clients nationwide. Our loyal client base knows they can depend on us to provide them with the best pricing, honest weights, and personalized customer service. Our charter membership in ISRI, The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, helps us meet these goals.

The industrial nature of our work demands a solid commitment to safety. That’s why we make safety a priority onsite for our clients and employees. Our mission is to offer the best service to suppliers and premium products to our consumers. At MW Metals Group, we have never lost sight of the principles and values of our founders. We look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence for the next sixty years in the scrap industry.